Implementing Concierge Services at Your Commercial Property

Across the world, the (often unattended) standard front desk is being replaced by renovated lobbies featuring enthusiastic hotel-trained staff.

by Melinda Gravitt

Every successful hotelier knows that a first impression is what sets the tone and carries significant weight moving forward in the overall guest experience. Larger, more progressive real estate property owners have recognized the value of improving client services, and taken a move out of the exclusive hotel playbook by incorporating concierge services as one of the amenities offered to tenants.

Across the world, the (often unattended) standard front desk is being replaced by renovated lobbies featuring enthusiastic hotel-trained staff. Whether these services come from an employee on the property management team or a third-party group, these staff members are solely dedicated to facilitating the requests of tenants and their clients.

This level of client service is regarded as a must-have for prospective tenants seeking office space in the more premium end of the real estate market.


Why Are Concierge Services Becoming So Popular?

The reason for this shift in commercial real estate client service is simply that a premium price is placed on a valuable commodity: time. Particularly among the higher-ranking business professionals, finding time to manage employees, individual work responsibilities, and family life is too much to juggle.

Commercial concierge services provide relief from the time crunch faced by these professionals by carrying out tasks that were normally reserved for a secretary or assistant. Placing a specific coffee order, picking up dry cleaning, making a reservation at their favorite restaurant, all of these things and more can be taken care of by a concierge to help ease the stress of a work-life balance.

Even more complex requests, such as booking a vacation or developing employee perks and partnerships can also be carried out by concierge services.  As an added benefit, these services may come at a fraction of the cost compared to a property manager hiring another full time employee.


What Can a Concierge Service Help With?

More advanced concierge teams have been known to deliver custom and effective communications that are specific to individual properties. Collateral such as neighborhood guides, email newsletters showcasing experiences and events, monthly amenity calendars, and welcome materials are just some of the potential deliverables that can be offered by concierge services.

Outside of the assistance concierge services provided to current tenants, this level of client service looks incredible on a job posting. Imagine the look on the faces of top talent when they discover that their prospective employer has premier concierge services at their disposal to fulfill their every request, all the while with a smile on their face. Having concierge service on-site comes across as more elite and select than the aforementioned secretary or assistant.

From the perspective of a commercial real estate landlord, there are a plethora of benefits to outsourcing concierge services to a third-party provider. The contracted concierge service screens, hires, and trains the on-site concierge, giving the landlord one less item to worry about when running their company.

Since the service takes place on-site at the property, the concierge serves as a personal representative for property management. This frees up the property management team to handle more critical tenant and building issues such as maintenance.

Additionally, professional concierge services, by their very nature, come armed with an extensive network of vendors and other local contacts. Their frequent purchase of tickets to sporting events, dance and art performances, entertainment venues, along with their knowledge of community event schedules, make them a cherished customer service resource for tenants to gather information, ideas, suggestions, and “an in” to some of the more exclusive amenities in the surrounding area.

Lastly, third-party concierge service providers come with economic advantages.  In addition to zero overhead costs for having concierge services, the commercial real estate landlord is not responsible for covering the cost of replacing a concierge staff member should they decide to resign or are fired.


The Bottom Line

Time is money. Middle and upper class commercial real estate tenants have demonstrated an increasing desire for top-notch service that makes their day-to-day as simple as possible. While this idea is at its infancy in the U.S. market, places like Australia have seen widespread adoption of corporate concierge services with great success.

Employing concierge services within commercial property management, or through a third-party, has demonstrated solid benefits for tenants, property management firms, and building owners alike. Consider including such services in commercial real estate offerings to elevate your business and attract a higher level of clientele.


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