We’re looking for good deals. Cliché? Yes. But we understand that no two deals are created equally and there is an art to unlocking value through a variety of different avenues. If your deal has a compelling value driver, we’d love to hear it.


Well-located projects with a compelling near term value driver.

$10 million to several hundred million dollars.

Office, industrial & mixed-use opportunities with heavy repositioning components or development.

Southern California with an emphasis in San Diego.


deal size

deal type


Locale Grit

Spectacular deals.

$1 million to $20 million.

Anything compelling, including long term repositioning and covered land plays.

Main streets and back alleys of San Diego.


“Boardwalk as far as the eye can see at The Park! Coming VERY soon! #CRE #Boardwalk #ThePark #SanDiego”
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